DIY Carpet Refresher Powder

This amazing homemade carpet freshener is one of the easiest DIY non-toxic cleaners I’ve ever made — you are going to love this one!

If you have kids or pets, your carpet will definitely take a beating from time to time. With the spills and mystery stains galore, stinky odors are bound to follow. While there are many products available that offer solutions to this issue, most of them are chemical-filled and costly. Why put your family at risk, while emptying your wallet, when you can easily make your own chemical-free solution?! This DIY carpet refresher is a must!

Homemade Carpet Freshener Using Essential Oils


The process for this is incredibly simple. 4 products and 5 minutes is all it takes!

Learn How to Make Homemade Carpet Powder Using Items you Have at Home

*Note: you will need a drill and a small drill bit if the first time you make this. Simply drill small holes in the lid to create a “shaker lid”. We repurposed an old jam jar to use for our carpet powder. However, a Mason Jar would work perfectly as well!

First, pour half the baking soda into your jar. Then, add lemongrass & purification essential oils. Next, pour the remaining baking soda on top, this should leave a little bit of open space at the top of your jar. You don’t want it over full for mixing purposes. Last, shake and shimmy your bottle in all different directions. I typically shake it up and down a little, then roll it back and forth. Do this for a minute or 2, just to combine and distribute the oil throughout the baking soda. Easy right??


How to Use Your Homemade Carpet Freshener

DIY Carpet Refresher Jar with Magnetic LidWhile you can definitely use this right away, I prefer to make it up a day or 2 in advance. Making it ahead of time just gives the oils time to fully incorporate into the baking soda. In other words – fewer clumps! When you are ready to use your homemade carpet powder, you simply shake and vacuum! I typically have my kids apply it to the carpets, super easy and non-toxic, so no worry needed.

The combination of lemongrass EO, purification EO, and baking soda will refresh your carpets. Stinky odors out, clean and fresh scents in. This stuff is amazing.

*Note: I purchased some sticky back magnetic sheets from a local craft store to make a cover for my carpet powder. Add some colored scrapbooking paper and cut to size. Simple, yet effective.

Fed up with your stinky carpets or stale-smelling home? Try it out today!

Want to learn more about essential oils for cleaning? Check out how I use lemon essential oil as a disinfectant!



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