Welcome to Healthy Farmhouse!

Here at Healthy Farmhouse, our mission is to bring health tips straight from our home into yours.

We are currently working hard at getting this website up and running.

We are in the process of re-branding and our team is working diligently to move all our blog content from our original website over to 3 additional websites.

Before creating Healthy Farmhouse, we had a single blog that covered topics ranging from homeschooling to health.

Please be patient with us during this transition as we work hard to move & refresh 3 years worth of content to make things more user friendly and pinpoint our ideal community better 💗

Having a Healthy Home - Healthy Farmhouse

A Little About Me

I’m Mary, the main author of this website.

Healthy Farmhouse Author Mary

My journey of building webpages and creating content started back in March 2018 with my main website Simply Be Wild & Free.

In the beginning, Simply Be Wild & Free covered all the main topics I’m passionate about — homeschooling, organization, mom life, and essential oils, with a touch of wild & free.

That said, over the years our lifestyle has dramatically changed and that original website has transformed into something totally different!

You can read my original about page to understand how I’ve transformed that website from a catch-all to a collection of RV living & outdoor adventure blog posts!

You can also find all of our homeschool content over on our new Life + Homeschool blog!

Creating a Healthy Farmhouse

I was 28 years old and I was sitting in the emergency room with my husband.

He had recently passed out from extreme stomach pain and was running a high fever.

A few grueling hours later he was diagnosed with diverticulosis and was immediately admitted overnight because of a strong diverticulitis infection of the gut.

At the time I had 2 young boys and a 1-year-old daughter.

I was young.

I should be healthy, my kids should be healthy, and my husband should be healthy.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

An Eye-Opening Hospital Stay

Prior to this hospital stay, we had already been through our share of health issues.

My oldest suffered from extreme ADHD tendencies but was otherwise relatively healthy.

My middle child, however, had chronic migraines & stomach issues that caused him to get sick multiple times each week.

No amount of medical tests, medications, or food eliminations helped alleviate the struggle.

We learned to manage what we could by avoiding specific things, but never really found a fix.

A few years later our youngest was born. She was sweet, healthy, and perfect.

Then boom, 6 weeks after her birth she was hospitalized with severe bronchiolitis.

Due to her young age and high fever, the doctors immediately put her on a round of antibiotics just in case it was meningitis or pneumonia.

Thankfully it wasn’t, but the damage to her immune system was already done.

This sweet girl spent the first 2 years of her life sick and on back-to-back antibiotics.

I was a young mom who had no idea about the negative effects of overusing antibiotics.

As time passed, my daughter couldn’t get well, my son was still having too many flair-ups, and my husband had a new diagnosis.

I was desperate.

Using Essential Oils

My mom had recently started using essential oils and pleaded with me to try them out.

Truthfully, she didn’t know that much about them yet, but as someone who suffered from extreme health issues herself, she was hopeful they would help us all!

So, I purchased a starter kit and let it sit around collecting dust for a while.

Then, over time we slowly started using essential oils in place of traditional medications.

Later, we began diffusing and cooking with them too.

After introducing essential oils into our home we began making other health-conscious decisions such as cutting GMOs, adding in more raw organic foods, and skipping the takeout when possible.

While it took a long time for us to get here, we eventually created a low-toxic, healthy farmhouse of sorts.

We skip the traditional antibiotics when we can and lean on natural remedies, essential oils, and supplements for most of our health needs instead.

I lean on essential oils and plant-based cleaners for our home, have cut all food dyes out of our diet, and recently began eating gluten-free due to my own health crisis.

While we aren’t perfect and still eat out too much or get behind on our water intake and vitamin rituals, we are a work in progress and are always working towards going forward in our health journey.

We definitely try to keep health at the forefront of our minds as much as possible!

All that said, I’m super excited that you have stumbled across our little corner of the world and I hope the content you find on this website can encourage you on your own health journey!

-Mary 💗