Essential Oil Uses

Curious about natural oils and want to learn more about essential oil uses? You’ve come to the right place.

Take a peek at our favorite essential oils company and learn some simple ways to use your essential oils in daily life!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile fluids that are found inside aromatic plants.

These oils are what give a plant its fragrance and the amazing ability to fight off infections, heal itself, rid itself of toxic substances, and repair damaged tissue.

They have also been used for thousands of years as natural medicine, antiseptics, cleaners, and disinfectants. Not all essential oils are created equally though!

Make sure that when you are shopping for essential oils, you read & understand the labels! You can check out our recommended brand below.

Our Favorite Essential Oils

We will always be a Young Living essential oils family.

Why you ask?

First off, they own and operate their own farms, distilleries, labs, and warehouses. This is HUGE.

Not only does this mean there is no middle man, but it also means they know exactly what is going into their product – always.

This amazing company has extremely high standards, being the only essential oil company that has a seed to seal guarantee.

Also, all their essential oils are 100% organic. The pest control on their plants is done with their own essential oils and they are weeded completely by hand!

Another amazing bonus? They have the largest amount of single oils and blends available than any other oil company in the world!

Essential Oil Uses - Frankincense and Lavender

What to Look for In Essential Oil Labels

Since not all essential oils are created equally, reading and understanding the labels is a must!

Below you can find a breakdown of our oil labels & get an idea of what to look for when purchasing your own!

All Young Living labels include their branded name, as well as the oil single or blend name.

You will always find 100% pure written on each label. Yes, this can sometimes be found on other branded essential oils as well, but keep in mind that it may not meet the same standard of quality.

Unfortunately, the FDA only requires that companies use 5% pure essential oil to label their bottles as 100% pure – meaning the rest can be a filler oil, but doesn’t have to be labeled as such. This is completely mind-boggling and slightly disturbing to me.

The good news about my oils of choice?? They never contain carrier oils or fillers!

The products you get are exactly what they say they are – 100% pure!

If you look closely at the picture below, you will also notice the phrase “Therapeutic Grade” on each bottle.

This simply describes the quality of the oils. They named them therapeutic based on the original Greek word “therapeuo” which means “to heal”.

When preparing to use essential oils, do your research and get familiarized with the company’s standards!

The Essential Oils Promise

Essential Oil Uses - Thieves Oil

From Seed – With over 10,000 acres of nutrient-rich farmland around the globe where their plants are grown, this amazing oil company can evaluate and select only the best seeds. Plus, with a mixture of ancient and modern distillation techniques, they have basically perfected the process!

Each plant is kept at its proper temperature and pressure during the entire process. No detail is overlooked.

To Seal – Young Living also conducts several tests that go beyond the essential oil industry standard. They not only test every batch of their products, but they also have 3rd party labs conduct testing as well. The Seed to Seal process comes to completion in their own facility when each essential oil is carefully put into amber glass bottles.

If you want to learn more about why we love these essential oils so much, plus get the down-low on their seed-to-seal guarantee, check out Essential Oil Standards.

Essential Oil Uses

How to Use Essential OilsHow we use our essential oils may differ depending on the need we currently have. There are multiple applications, and the uses are almost endless! Learn all about essential oil uses and methods below!


You can use your essential oils in a diffuser, such as the Desert Mist Diffuser, which is my absolute favorite.

Or you can use them in these simple ways!

  • Smell directly from the bottle
  • Put a drop of oil in your hands, rubbing them together, cupping your hands over your nose, and taking a deep breath.


Essential oils can be applied topically to problem areas, such as rashes or bug bites.

Certain oils can be used on the neck, temples, or chest for things such as headaches and respiratory distress.

They are also useful when applied to the feet or spine when feeling under the weather.

The topical essential oil uses are endless! I’m always finding new ways to use my essential oils topically.

Please just keep in mind: It’s important to dilute certain oils before applying them topically. This especially applies to children or those with sensitive skin.


Many essential oils can be taken internally, but always do your research to find out what is safe and what is not!

Some of my favorite internal essential oil uses are…

  • Cooking or baking
  • Adding a drop to my favorite drink
  • Taking in a capsule

Please always remember that not all oils are safe for ingestion. Pay attention to labeling, or contact someone familiar with essential oils before ingesting!

Our Experience with Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have changed my family’s health dramatically. We use them in everything from baking cookies to protecting ourselves from the flu. Before using essential oils, my youngest child was sick almost constantly.

Now, sicknesses rarely enter our home and when it does we know how to combat it quickly!

If you want to know more about essential oil uses, you can browse or shop our store for all the wonderful goodness!

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Essential Oil Uses

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